JORGE REYNAL | Co-Founder & Partner (Honorary)

Jorge is a Veterinarian and an MBA. His professional career has been focused in marketing and sales of Multinational companies (Mars, Colgate). He developed his career abroad for more than 10 years (USA, UK, Czech Rep). He is an avid triathlete and a two time Ironman finisher.

JORGE CACIOS | Co-Founder & Partner

Jorge holds a degree in Business Administration with a postgraduate in Management Development. He lead for more than 20 years the commercial area in several top Multinational companies (Brahma, Danone, Clorox). As a regular sports man, his passion is fly fishing in Patagonia, Argentina.

JC Dalto | Integral Business Advisor

Juan Carlos is President at D.E Masterblenders 1753 Brazil, the largest emerging market business within DEMB, the new pure play coffee & tea company, after the spin-off of Sara Lee Corp.  JC has a focused Marketing background, with a fast growth career in Argentina consecutively in Molinos Río de la Plata, Kraft Foods, The Pillsbury Company and Danone. His corporate career continued internationally as Chairman & CEO of Danone Groupe businesses in Portugal, Italy and North America (US & Canada). He is Industrial Engineer from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology, with executive programs on strategic marketing planning at The University of Michigan and on leading edge at London Business School, among others. A curious reader and amateur writer, JC embraced Integral Philosophy synthesized by contemporary american philosopher Ken Wilber. As a direct organizational application of it, JC has developed his proprietary V4 Diamond Integrator, where he integrates the axis of Strategy, Leadership and Sustainability into Value output. From this model, JC has worked with profiles as diverse as Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Intellectuals, Environmentalists and Rock Stars, Technological Gurus and Politicians, advising them on sustainable strategy and leadership matters, and serving in several advisory boards.

SEBASTIAN GARCIA PADIN | Entrepreneur, Creative and Mentor

Worked for 10 years in the Marketing and Commercal areas of Multinational Companies, developing succesful Products and Services.For 6 years Sebatian lead the complete business and the implementación of creative campaigns at, for the following brands: Pepsi, Lay's, 7UP, Quilmes beer, Mama Luchetti (pasta), Gatorade, Brahma Beer, Eco de los Andes (Walter), Menthoplus, Novartis and several brands from Danone.Sebastian's more remarkable skills and capacities are the development of businesses for Internet, campaigns for. Brands and New Products, and the knowledge Of the digital ecosystem.As an Advisor and Entrepreneur, he is focus on the digital start ups, specially e-commerce and Social Media commerce. Sebastián is co-Founder of

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